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be on

专业团队数学之美第一时间为您解答: What movies are showing? 希望对你有所帮助!

电影上映 : The movie is on screen.

新电影什么时候上映 When will the new film be released? 重点词汇释义 什么时候when; whenever 上映show (a film); screen; be on; run

这部电影什么时候上映 --->> when does this movie come out ? 2.) What is the release date of this movie? 满意请采纳,谢谢

XX movie will be on

现在正在上映的电影 The film is being shown now. 现在正在上映的电影 The film is being shown now.

** is on.

英文是:Movie screen。 例句:Honestly, she was probably the prettiest woman I had ever seen off the moviescreen. 老实说,她应该是我在电影的画面中曾见到的最美丽的女子了。 解释: movie 英[ˈmu:vi] 美[ˈmuvi] n. 电影; 电影...

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